Researchers find security holes in SAP business software

Source photo Security researchers have found nearly two dozen vulnerabilities in the widely used German business software SAP that could give attackers control of company financials, resource management and other operations. Boston-based Onapsis, a security company that tests for holes in SAP and Oracle enterprise software and reports them to the companies so they can [&hellip

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The 129 finance people you have to follow on Twitter

Twitter has evolved into a platform for serious finance gurus. Beyond the jabberings of the small-time players, these analysts, hedge funders, and big players have the power to sway markets in 140 characters, and they often take to Twitter to give their two cents. And it’s smart stuff. We asked Wall Street analysts and Business [&hellip

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INVESTOR: Wall Street banks will never be as profitable as they once were

Investing in banks used to be a wild ride. They would make billions of dollars when times were good, and then lose just as much when the market tanked. Nowadays they’re pretty dull. They take less risk — and look more like utilities than the levered-up, proprietary trading, subprime lending banks of old. Read More

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